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Canada: True North Strong and Free - Together

Over the past several weeks, provinces across Canada have relaxed social distancing rules and begun the process of "re-opening" for business. Looking back over the past three months, while there have been many moments of stress and anxiety, there have also been moments to be thankful. What is there to be thankful about?

First, we can be thankful for all the frontline workers (doctors, nurses, grocery clerks, etc.,) who stood tall and brave when we needed them most to keep Canada running during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. And to all those parents and grandparents and great-grandparents whose past struggles help to build Canada into a free and prosperous nation we say a big THANK YOU.

At our company, we are thankful for all the wonderful individuals and families that we have had the privilege of serving over these many years and especially during this most recent economic turmoil. As we all move forward together into a "new normal", the future is bright because we have already witnessed citizens from coast to coast rising to a great challenge thrust upon us by COVID-19. Canadians are a hardy bunch and as we work together to build a better society…just like we have done so many times before…we will all come through this – stronger, kinder & wiser.

In a few short weeks, families and friends will gather together to celebrate Canada Day. Our hope is that all our valued clients have the opportunity this summer to re-connect with loved ones and reflect not only on what may have been lost but also on what remains. Hope for a better future, Faith in the resilient human spirit and Love for the few who have courageously sacrificed for so many.

As always, if you have any questions about your financial strategy for the weeks, months and years ahead, please contact our office.

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